Why, God, why, God do I got to suffer? Before Kendrick Lamar released DAMN I would often times sit asking God "Why are you putting me through so much?" "have I not been through enough?" I would sometimes get so angry with God for making me go through so much. At one point it... Continue Reading →


DAMN. I’m talking FEAR.

"If I could smoke fear away, I'll roll that motherf***** up and I'll take twooo puffs." Kendrick Lamar titled his 12th track on 'DAMN', "FEAR". TheĀ AlchemistĀ produced track really hit home for me. Kendrick Lamar used the track to discuss his many different types of fear from the time he was a kid until he was... Continue Reading →

DAMN. kendrick. I CAN RELATE.

Kendrick Lamar grew up on the streets of Compton as the 1980's crack trade and West Coast gang presence grew rapidly. Lamar grew up around street activity, but he seemed more influenced than harmed by it. He was a good student who enjoyed writing, first stories and poems, and then lyrics. Lamar's family was directly... Continue Reading →

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